Tagansky Protected Command Point
Corridor inside Tagansky Protected Command Point
The Tagansky Protected Command Point also known as An-02, FS-572 or Bunker 42 is located near the underground station of Taganskaya 65 metres below Moscow, Russia.
The facility was built in 1956 as a command post headquarters for long-range aviation communications.
In the 1960's the bunker was upgraded to facilitate a nuclear attack. Two artesian wells were installed to provide clean, renewable drinking water and stocks of fuel and food were stored in preparation.
Tagansky Protected Command Point fell into disrepair in the 1970's and was officially declassified in 1995. The site was privately bought in 2006 and has now been converted into an entertainment complex featuring a cold war museum.
Tours of the 600 meter long network of tunnels are available from: