Jeremy Bentham
Jeremy Bentham, the London born 'founder of utalitarianism', was  a Jurist, Philosopher and Social Reformer who lived from 1748 - 1832.
he believed that "it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong"; which is reflected in his call for the abolition on the death penalty and slavery. 
After his death in 1832, Jeremy Bentham left instructions to have his body dissected and all of his organs removed before having his corpse permanently preserved as an 'auto-icon'.
This was achieved by having his skeleton preserved and redressed in his clothes along with a waxwork of his head.
His actual head was originally intended to adorn the skeleton, but the preservation process used to embalm it went wrong and gave him a startling appearance.  
The 'auto-icon' (a glass cabinet containing the skeleton and wax head) can be found in the South Cloisters of the main building of the University of Central London, England.  His head is also kept at the university inside a wooden box which has been placed on a plinth over the door to the Cloisters leading to the eastern staircase.
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