Bog Snorkelling
Bog Snorkelling
Bog Snorkelling
Bog snorkelling was invented in Llanwrtyd Wells,
Wales in 1976. The sport has grown in popularity and is now available in several locations across the United Kingdom and even hosts an annual world championships.

The rules of the sport are simple; snorkels and flippers must be worn by all competitors as they complete a preset course without using any conventional swimming strokes. The flippers alone must power them forwards. Competitors often choose to wear a wetsuit although this is not compulsory.

The course is a 55 meter long trench dug into a peat bog. Competitors must swim to the opposite end of the trench and back again making their swim 110 meters in total.

Anyone can compete although men, women and 'juniors' each compete in seperate categories. 
Local men and  Local women are also considered seperate categories and their times are logged seperately.

Following the sport's success two subcategories of bog snorkelling have come into existance; Mountain bike bog snorkelling and the bog snorkelling triathalon.

The bog snorkelling triathalon consists of the standard 110 meter snorkel, a 19-mile bike ride and a 7.5 mile run.

Mountain bike bog snorkelling requires
competitors to ride through the same peat bog on specially prepared mountain bikes whilst wearing a snorkel and flippers.

The dates for this year's world bog snorkelling championships, as well as information on how to spectate and participate are available from: