Bo Taoshi
Bo Taoshi team try to take down their opposition's pole
Bo Taoshi is a sport played across the whole of Japan.
The sport is usually played amongst children in schools during sports day. However, the most renowned Bo Taoshi match is played amongst Cadets of the National Defense Academy of Japan.
During this annual match two teams of 150 people assemble in a field and attempt to pull down a pole at the opposing teams end of the field.  The first team to pull down the oppositions pole from 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground, to 30 degrees from the ground, wins.
The teams are split into two. One team of 75 people must defend the team's own pole, and 75 others have to attack the opposing team's pole. 
Positions given to player's in these roles include; 'Pole attackers', 'Scrum disablers', 'interference' and even 'ninja'.  The ninja's role is to climb to the top of the pole and try to pull it back as vertical as they can.
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