The uninhabited resort city of Varosha can be found at the south of Famagusta, Cyprus.
The resort was a popular tourist attraction until 1974 when it was invaded by Turkish armed forces and became under Turkish control.
The previous holiday destination has been left frozen in time with planes lying abandoned on the airport runway and dust covered cars left in showrooms.
The people formerly living in Varosha hoped to one day return to their homes, but the entire site was fenced off with no admittance to anyone except the Turkish military.
Although entry to the site is closed to the public, the fenced off boundary can still be reached. Bus trips are available from:
Hashima Island
Hashima Island, known as Gunkanjima to locals and nicknamed 'Battleship Island', is one of 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture. The Island lies 9 miles away from Nagasaki, Japan.
The abandoned, walled off island was opened as a coal mining facility in 1887, due to its huge undersea coal repository.
During the 1930's Korean prisoners of war were used as forced labour on the island in particularly brutal conditions.
The island was owned by Mitsubishi for most of its lifespan and at its peak 5,259 workers lived in its cramped concrete towers.
Since 1974 the island has lay dorment as coal has been replaced by petroleum and the mines were no longer needed.
Tours to the island can be found at:
The ruins of the village of Oradour-sur-Glane can be found near the city of Limoges, France.
The city's old town has been abandoned since June 10th 1944, although there is an inhabited new town nearby.
On this day, a Nazi Waffen-SS company stormed the town (which was already under Nazi occupation), set it alight and massacred 642 of its inhabitants including men, women and children. Only a very small number of people escaped.

The victims of the massacre are remembered with a monument in the city's new town, and the old town has been preserved as a permanent memorial and museum.
More information on the tragic events of Oradour-sur-Glane, including how to get there is available at:
Cincinnati Subway
This old abandoned subway system is located beneath the city of Cincinnatti in Ohio, USA.
It was constructed in the 1900's and contains one train line, catering for four stations, although it has never been in operation.
The subway system has been reconsidered for development in recent years, as it still has the potential for completion and could be fully operational.  The plans always seem to fall through however, and not too many people in Cincinnati are even aware of its existance.
The subway system is only available to visit twice a year. Tickets to the 'talk and walk' are available here:
Domino Sugar Refinery
The Domino Sugar Refinery is located
 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
Domino sugar was produced by the
American Sugar Refining Company.  
 The refinery started out in 1882, when it was the largest of its kind in the world.
The site halted production in 2004 after 148 years of operation. During it's lifetime the business survived strikes, a fire and even an explosion accredited to German agents in 1917.
The complex was given landmark status in 2007 as it is a significant part of Brooklyn's skyline. It has lay dorment ever since although there are plans to develop the site into luxury apartments.
Tours of the inside of the factory come around very rarely, but when they do they are available from NYC's Office of Tourism. Boat tours of the outside of the factory are available from: